The Guides are the "face" of Ranch N Craft!

TownsandCities, a.k.a. Tay

Hey, so I'm Tay, my username is TownsAndCities but everyone calls me Tay. I'm a writer, reporter for The Round Up and as of recently a guide of RnC. I've been a writer since April and a guide since July, 2017. 

I'm from Australia, I was born here and have lived here all my life. I haven't been around the country that much but it's a great place.

I love RnC so much it's honestly the only reason I know anything about horses and I've found a new appreciation for them and it's helped my general confidence heaps. RnC also gave me a new appreciation of journalism and article writing after becoming a reporter for The Round Up. I enjoy it heaps more than I ever imagined I would it's really interesting to be behind the scenes of a newspaper and see how it gets put together start to finish.

I ended up getting into RnC through Emmy actually, who I know irl and have known for years now. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't have ended up on RnC. When I'm not on RnC I'm usually watching a TV show, anime, listening to music or reading and writing. I absolutely love writing more than anything and I really want to become a published author one day. RnC is the only server where I could ever do something like writing in the way I get to and I love that it gives people the interesting opportunities it does.

My favourite thing about RnC is the community because I've never found a community like it. Everyone's so friendly and helpful and everyone's genuine. It's really incredible how you get to know people you never thought you'd have things in common with. RnC has taught me so much and I couldn't love the server more. I hope you do too!


Foxmore here. I have been playing MC for over a year now, and on Ranch N Craft for about 4 months (I know, it seems like I have been here forever). I got started playing minecraft with my grand daughter (yes I am that old.. lol). She can't work the computer controls, so we play together when she is here. I found Ranch N Craft, and I love the family atmosphere. I was drawn in by the fact that it is a kid friendly server (I went through a lot of them to find one).

I have been given the honor of being a guide and look forward to helping out peeps, new and veterans, to the best of my ability. I am also a special reporter for Round Up, the official RnC newspaper.

Outside of Ranch N Craft, I work in a glass factory. We make glass that is as small as 12 inches by 12 inches (.3 meters by .3 meters) and as big a as 130 inches by 204 inches (3.3 meters by 5.18 meters). It's hot and stressful, but I love that I can come home and relax with my Mrs and my RnC family.

I have 4 dogs at home (all rescues), and I support my local animal shelter. I play Santa Paws to help raise money for the shelter (I get to be in pictures with all the animals, how cool is that). I also play Santa Claus for numerous places. But my best pictures are those with my Bug (my grand daughter), and with my dogs.

ScampyScarlett23, a.k.a. Scamp

Hey! I'm Scamp, my ign is ScampyScarlett23, I've been playing RnC for a while now and I've recently become a guide on the server. I have two other roles too! Builder and photographer. 

I'm from England, outside of game, despite the rain I am quite an adventurous outdoorsy person, when I am alone I normally draw or sketch horses and other animals whilst hanging around on RnC.

This leads to my favourite part of RnC, which is of course the community, RnC has taught me many things about horses, I've never really had much experience around them. One of the best things I love about it though is how everyone is so friendly to each other, unlike most servers people here are so helpful and kind, it really makes RnC stand out as a family friendly server.

RnC has also made me gain confidence when speaking to people in game, I feel like I am free when on RnC because everyone is so understanding and amazing, I love the server and how far it has come. In my own opinion, RnC is truly one of the best servers out there!

_virtualkat_, a.k.a. Kitty

Hai peeps of RnC! I'm Kitty here. I'm one of the guides on RnC. I'm not all too interesting. I have a cat, dog, horse, and a bird. I love it here on Ranch n' Craft so it's basically my life nowadays. I'm almost always on so you're bound to see my on at least once. I love the staff and member of RnC and I wish to continue, and grow, as a staff member on this fabulous server. I wish to change for the better while the server is changing! Love you all~ Have a great day!

NoChiill, a.k.a. Hannah

Hey! My name is Hannah (NoChiill); I am a Guide on RnC! I joined around November 2016 and got Guide on July 10th, 2017! In real life, everyone starts whispering "Hannah has a life?!" I enjoy swimming, riding horses, drawing (Even though im terrible), and playing softball! I also love to make minecraft skins; I also live in America! My favorite thing about the server is getting to be online and talk to you as a get-away from real life. School and everything can be stressful and RnC is such an amazing server just to get online and be happy! I love talking to you guys; So if you see me in game, feel free to say hello! I dont bite! (Well not usually at least!) Ranch N Craft is full of such amazing and kind people, and I am glad to have joined the server, that day in November. Little did I know I joined the first server I would be staff on, and it ended up being my favorite server of all time!

ZangelFly, a.k.a. Zang

Hey! I'm Zang (Zangelfly), and I'm a Guide on RnC. I've been playing on this server for over a year, and I love helping players get the chance to be walked through the academy and answer any and all questions they may have! In game you'll find me mostly chatting with friends, answering questions, and helping players get started. When I found RnC, I was instantly hooked on it, I loved the staff and players. They were so welcoming, helpful, and friendly! I'm so happy that I'm able to be part of the staff team to guide players along while playing RnC. I'm actually amazed at how much this server has grown!

As for myself, I'm 15 and live in the United States. I have 3 amazing dogs and I'm starting horseback lessons soon! I'm super excited, because I might be able to half-rent my own horse. My 3 dogs are all clumsy and adorable, and I love them so much. Now, enough talking about me.. go have some fun on RnC!