As a Writer you will have the duty and responsibilities of the following things:

You will need to be reliable and trustworthy, to expand, this means that if you are shown land/materials that have not been shown to the public, as we wish to make it a surprise, you must not tell anyone or teleport anyone to the location that is currently being working on.

You will need to give up your time, although to some this sounds like a big deal, we only require you for a couple of hours a day, possibly even just a few times a week depending on circumstances.

You must lead by example, this means that you should know the rules and follow them, we know that not everyone knows them 100% but if in doubt they are always there to be seen.

Some of your duties will be to liaise with the Lead Builder and Lead Writer, if these people are not on then there will be a "second in command" this person will take the role as Lead Writer until the true leader is back, anyone can be "seconds in command" so you must always show respect to both players and your co-workers.

You will be given the hard task of writing, although this may sound like an easy thing you need to describe players, buildings and even terrain, as the Builders will be working from your writings to create what you see, you will see the end result before all others and you can give feedback to what you think, although you will not be the one directly building.

You will also be running quest ideas by the Lead builder/Writer first, all ideas you come up with, will be mentioned when the place is fully built (Quest is fully made) but we ask that while you are making this quests you keep it quiet, as we like to surprise players with new and exciting content.
You must understand the basic concepts of a plot, this means that you can successfully construct quests and correct writing in a format that builders and players can understand
In at anytime you feel or staff feels that your are no longer able to cope with pressure, either due to school/work or lifestyle, you may be asked to step down, this will only be a request, we at RNC care more about education than working for us, we know that everyone can understand why
A big aspect that we need you to have, is confidence, as writers we understand that sometimes ideas seem silly or "not for the best" but actually, some "bad" ideas can expand into great ideas, even if you just want to run it by a leader first, never get rid of an idea just because you think others may not like it
You will need to operate with other co-workers, you must not be afraid to show your work and ask them for people "we are all in this together" and we mean that, if you are stumped, ask the Builders or any other Writers for help, you will never be shunned for asking for help